In The Spotlight

Airyen Vay – “Breathe”

Hailing from a small town called Botosani, this Romanian singer and songwriter found her passion for music aged 9, when she started taking vocal lessons and learned to play guitar, flute and guitar. She began honing her skills by entering and winning numerous song competitions. Now based in Los Angeles, she forms a liberating blend of R&B, soul and pop and debuted with the single “Say” in 2019.

Taking a moment to take a step back and just breathe, her new single finds this musical sweet spot where beauty and grace meets invigorating and anthemic vibes. First she forges a soft soundscape with a resonating rhythm and her emotive voice, before the chorus erupts with a heartfelt passion. With a cinematic fervor, this jam urges the younger generation to bring about positive change.

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Music History

Billy Ocean – “Loverboy”

From his album “Suddenly” (1984):

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New Music

Isabella Manfredi – “One Hit Wonder”

Filled with neon-pop glitter and 80s-dipped vitality, this is the new single by Australian songbird Isabella Manfredi:

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