In The Spotlight

Alice Gray – “Comatose”

Raised in San Diego and now based in Los Angeles, this Californian singer and songwriter always loved music, but she grew up painting, drawing and playing sports. It wasn’t until she took a songwriting class that she got the confidence to post her songs online. Influenced by the artistry of Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean, she debuted her rich indie-pop sound on her single “Pink Cadillac” in 2017.

Creating a mesmerizing sonic dreamscape in which to tell her story, her new single encapsulates both a genuine vulnerability and a heartfelt passion. With an electronic shimmer from the synths, a voluptuous rhythm and an infectious hook, she’s forged an irresistible tune. And with her lavish, multi-harmonic vocals sparkling on the notes, this groove transports the listener into her musical world.

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Music History

Level 42 – “Guaranteed”

From their album “Guaranteed” (1991):

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New Music

Jenny JAM – “Prove Who”

Featuring the soulful vocals of Reuben Alexander, this is the new single by L.A.-based songstress Jenny JAM:

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