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Jenny JAM – “Better Than You”

This London-born multi-talented artist has earned her stripes as a singer, songwriter, actor and model. Inspired to write songs after a series of traumatic events, she’s channeling her experiences through her lyricism. Now based in Los Angeles, her wide-ranging influences include The Rolling Stones and Amy Winehouse, blending jazz, soul, blues and rock. She debuted with “Morning Bottle” in 2019.

Driven by an invigorating beat and a bracing bassline, her new single is a retro blast of rhythm and empowerment. Chronicling an abusive relationship and finding the strength to break free from it, her compelling, soul-dripping vocals add some fiery moxie to the 60s-dipped jazzy tune. And with the vibrant vitality of the brazen brass, this energetic jam exudes honesty and confidence.

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