In The Spotlight

Jasmine Jethwa – “Money To Burn”

Based in London, this British singer and songwriter’s first outing in the world of the arts was as a dancer, which she’s done most of her childhood. Realizing she wanted something with a bit more expression, she changed to music and attended East London Arts and Music, studying songwriting. Inspired by Bon Iver, Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman, she debuted with “Running Circles” in 2020.

Reflecting on the many times her lover has hurt her, let her down and lied to her, her new single addresses a very relatable subject. Accompanied by a smooth, folky guitar, she tells her emotional story with her dulcet, velveteen voice. Later joined by sleek strings and plush harmonies enriching the silky soundscape, this lavish tune, filled with sheer elegance and style, sounds like pure sonic opulence.

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