In The Spotlight

Angela Saini – “It’s OK”

Based in Toronto and born to an Austrian mom and Indian dad, this Canadian singer and songwriter has been singing all of her life. However, it wasn’t until she bought a guitar aged 15 that her path became clear. At 16 she was part of a band. Inspired by the likes of Amanda Marshall and Garth Brooks, she debuted solo on her EP “Cake And Callouses” in 2012 and won a Toronto Independent Music Award in 2017.

Initially written as her own therapy in a difficult time in her life, assuring herself that it’s OK not to be OK and to accept herself, her new single engulfs her honest lyrics in a good-natured blend of country, folk-pop and rock. With joyous vibes from the steel guitar, sprightly drums and her empowering vocals, as well as an unexpected piece of rap, this jaunty, debonair tune is definitely more than OK.

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Music History

Jamiroquai – “Superfresh”

From their album “Automaton” (2017):

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New Music

Mimi Webb – “Roles Reversed”

From her upcoming debut album “Amelia”, to be released on 3 March 2023:

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