In The Spotlight

Mira Housey – “Psychic”

Hailing from Detroit, this gifted singer and songwriter was competing playing classical piano aged 7. Since then she began writing songs for her friends. She studied sound technology at the University of Michigan and started a band. After winning two songwriting competitions, she moved to L.A.. Inspired by Max Martin, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, she released her debut EP “April” in 2019.

Written, recorded and produced in her bedroom, her new single tackles the sometimes perplexing topic of relation-ships that can change unexpectedly. By taking the route of an infectious pop melody, she adds a sparkle to this layered tune. From the relentless guitar plucks and the crisp piano, to the anthemic rush of the dazzling chorus and her striking vocals, this stunning jam will last forever.

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Music History

Delegation – “Where Is The Love”

From their album “The Promise Of Love” (1977):

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New Music

Beth Macari – “Feel The Same”

Fusing retro pop and classic R&B into an invigorating jam, this is the new single by British songbird Beth Macari:

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