In The Spotlight

Luca Fogale – “Proof”

Born in Burnaby, BC, this Canadian singer and songwriter didn’t grow up in a particularly musical household, but it entered his life when he started piano lessons aged 7. It wasn’t until university, where he studied psychology, that a passion for music emerged. Since then he’s opened for Dermot Kennedy and, inspired by Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and Joni Mitchell, debuted with his album “Safety” in 2016.

Bringing an ode to unconditional love and the possibilities that it brings, his new single shows his vulnerable side. Digging deep into your soul with a gentle sensitivity, he forms a soft-edged soundscape. With a mellow acoustic piano guiding his mesmerizing voice through the song, soon the added drums ascend with passion. Returning to a delicate tenderness, this is proof of his amazing artistry.

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Music History

The Kiki Dee band – “How Glad I Am”

From her album “I’ve Got The Music In Me (Bonus Track Version)” (1974):

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New Music

Niall Horan – “Heaven”

From his upcoming album “The Show”, to be released on 9 June 2023:

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