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Beth Macari – “I Promise (That I Got You)”

Hailing from Newcastle, this British soulstress has always had music in her veins. She spent many years supporting artists such as Jane McDonald and Jessie Ware, as well as singing lead vocals with Nick Pride & The Pimptones. She debuted her solo career in 2018 with the single “Clone”. Since then she’s featured her sultry sound at various festivals, SoFar Sounds Liverpool and an European/UK tour.

As the first chapter of a five-part series, her new single blends delectable vintage soul with a touch of smooth jazz. Despite the cheeky lyrical concept of a threesome, it’s an easygoing auditory dream. A mellow rhythm, mild guitar and lush piano conjure up a soothing soundscape in which her enchanting voice gets to play with the sweet violins, making this tune a promise of sheer sonic beauty.

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