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Joe James Lewis – “Ending The Affair”

Music seems to come natural to this British singer, songwriter and musician. At an early age he would improvise hymns on the piano with no musical training. Later he added a guitar and wrote his first song. He spent his teens playing gigs. His eclectic sound is influenced by wide-ranging artists like Radiohead, Amy Winehouse and Roy Hargrove. He debuted with “Day Dreaming” in 2019.

Adding a delicious creaminess to the pure honey-dipped breezy vibes, his new single is a luscious amalgamation of a funky rhythm, vocal soulfulness and a touch of smooth jazz. With easygoing keys, a soft bassline and mild guitars gently stroking all of your auditory senses, it’s the mind-blowing and unexpected trumpet solo by Will Blackstone that truly makes this an unforgettable sonic experience.

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Music History

Ariana Grande – “Greedy”

From her album “Dangerous Woman” (2016):

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New Music

Joel Sarakula – “Midnight Driver”

From his upcoming album “Companionship”, to be released on 1 May 2020:

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