In The Spotlight

Brooke Law – “Hunger”

Influenced by her multi-ethnic family, this British singer and songwriter incorporates her values and beliefs in her music. She started writing songs aged 15 and studied at the Institute Of Contemporary Music. Drawing inspiration from powerful female voices like Janis Joplin, Annie Lennox and Sia, she crafted a sound that is honest, empowering and gutsy. She released her debut single “Hidden” in 2018.

Taking an intricate, contemporary production and an emotive pop melody, her new single is both genuine and anthemic. With shimmering synths, imposing drums and her impassioned vocals taking the listener from soft, but poignant verses to the fiery chorus, this rousing tune tackles her own battle with OCD. Blending melancholy with sonic strength, this jam leaves you hungry for more.

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Music History

Prince – “Mountains”

From his album “Parade” (1986):

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New Music

Kat Eaton – “Checking In”

Drenched in salubrious soul with a jazzy hue, this is the new single by British songstress Kat Eaton:

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