In The Spotlight

The Elation – “Live A Life”

This Cork-based, Irish four-piece band, consisting of Chris Cansdale, Declan Kelleher, Billy Whelan and Denis Burke, has been making high-energy indie-pop since 2015. Inspired by Toto, Michael Jackson and Blink 182, they spent 18 months honing their sound, before debuting with “XO” in 2017. Known for their electrifying live shows, they’ve been on national tours and played various major festivals.

Foot-tappin’, infectious and radiating summery sunshine, their new single sounds like a colorful cocktail by the pool. The joyous piano is merely a gateway to the tropical pop flavors which are to follow. Singing about not letting go of your dreams, even in these difficult times, they fill the cheerful tune with plentiful lustrous horns, a sing-a-long chorus and exuberant island vibes, creating a jubilant jam.

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Music History

Sister Sledge – “All American Girls”

From their album “All American Girls” (1981):

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New Music

Tom Grennan – “Oh Please”

Bursting with emotive soul and his vocal grit, this is the new single by British powerhouse Tom Grennan:

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