In The Spotlight

Miya Miya – “Underwater”

The four members of this British band started making music together after meeting at university. Having grown up listening to bands like Fleetwood Mac and Queen, they combined those classic influences with contemporary artists such as Imagine Dragons and The Chainsmokers. They started as a songwriting and production team, most notably with “All Night Long” by Jonas Blue & Retrovision.

Stepping into the limelight themselves, their debut single sparkles with luscious pop sensibilities. First teasing the senses with a mellow vibe, the chorus bursts out in an anthemic explosion of thrilling grooves. With glittering electronic elements, scintillating synths and a bouncy bassline, these rippling soundwaves allow the emotive vocal harmonies to surf effortlessly on the auditory swell.

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Music History

Little River Band – “Help Is On Its Way”

From their album “Diamantina Cocktail” (1977):

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New Music

Maya Killtron – “Fired Up”

From her upcoming EP “Fired Up”, to be released on 15 April 2020:

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