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Natalie Lynn – “One”

Daughter to an artist dad and a professional singer mom, this Toronto-based Canadian singer and songwriter was raised on a steady diet of music and art. Always knowing she wanted to be a musician, she entered a 3 year Music Arts program while in college. Influenced by wide-ranging styles from Blink 182 to Fleetwood Mac, she spent the past 5 years performing and forging her own pop/rock sound.

Debuting with an invigorating, synth-heavy retro jam, her aptly named first single is doused in shades of the glorious eighties. A punchy beat and sizzling synths shine brightly colored neon lights over the mighty melody, while her Stevie Nicks-tinted vocals add an unmitigated intensity and a bit of grit to the vigorous, vintage-dipped rock tune and firmly establishes her as one to watch for the future.

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