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Amber-Simone – “Something More”

This British singer and songwriter spent her childhood listening to funk and soul and at 16 discovered her own singing voice. Her powerful sound is influenced by the music of Sade, The Police and Michael Jackson, as well as 80s soundtracks and electronica artists like Metronomy. Lending her skills to other projects whilst releasing her own songs, she debuted with “Taught Me Better” in 2017.

Kicking off with a rocking rhythm, bouncy bass line and crisp guitar plucks, her latest single is a bubbly blend of 80s funk and sparkling pop. Taken from her EP “For Those Moments”, the bouncing melody tickles your dancing feet, while her vigorous, yet refreshing vocals worm their way into your ears and take residency. With its rejuvenating retro vibe and delicious catchiness, it’s a scintillating jam.

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Music History

Robin Thicke – “Magic”

From his album “Something Else” (2008):

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New Music

Orla Gartland – “Flatline”

From her upcoming EP “Why Am I Like This?”, to be released on 24 May 2019:

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