In The Spotlight

Diggin’ Dirt – “Superstar”

Having planted their roots back in 2011, this Californian septet has continued to grow, blossom and thrive ever since. After years of playing local gigs and a line-up change, they released their eclectic debut album “Full Season” in 2016. Influenced by funkateers such as Bootsy Collins and Sly & The Family Stone, they soak wide-ranging genres in their potent, high-energy funk/soul virtuosity.

Taken from their new album “Funkacillus Groovidophilus”, this single is unadulterated 70s funk on steroids. With a bustling bass line, vibrant rhythm and irrepressible horn section blasting the funkalicious melodic candy into your ears and Zach Alder’s commanding, vintage-dipped vocal power, dripping with soulful gravel, you can’t help but to start moving, hit that dancefloor and feel like a superstar.

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Music History

Alison Limerick – “Gettin’ It Right”

From her album “And Still I Rise” (1992):

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New Music

Andreas Moe – “Calling Out”

This is the new single by Swedish singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Andreas Moe:

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