In The Spotlight

Lavi Frost – “Beautiful”

Raised with a love of all things musical, this Dutch singer and songwriter danced along to her mothers Rwandan rhythms as a young girl. Now using her music to inspire and motivate, her songs are filled with John Mayer-esque mood enhancing soul. Recording her music at 432Hz, instead of the typical 440Hz, gives her sound a relaxing warmth. She debuted with her single “Green Eyes” in 2018.

Adding a layer of smooth jazz to her signature soulful glow, her new single has the easygoing, sunshiny radiance of a dazzling Summer’s day. The playful fingersnaps and smooth bass line light the way to a striking chorus, made up of a laid-back rhythm, stunning acoustic guitar strums and catchy hooks. And with the exquisite splendor of her alluring vocals, this song is as luminous as it is beautiful.

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Music History

Andy Abraham – “Hang Up”

From his debut album “The Impossible Dream” (2006):

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New Music

Swimming Girls – “1 2 Many”

From their upcoming debut EP “Existential Fears”, to be released on 14 June 2019:

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