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Olivia Brown – “I Gave You Up”

Born as Sheryl Cohen, this artist is a woman of bounteous talents. She graduated from Berklee College Of Music and, while studying there, she co-founded the Jazz/Brazilian group Brazz Jazz. Under her own name she started playing guitar and writing songs in the early 00s. She’s the senior director of A2IM and has been exploring electronic-based disco-pop under the moniker Olivia Brown since 2012.

By introducing a sprightly wah-wah guitar, groovy bass line and a punchy rhythm, her new single turns into a discolicious explosion of lustrous, multi-colored radiance. Brimming with an abundance of mirrorball sparkle, the infectious chorus blends dynamic 70s/80s pizzazz with lively Nu-Disco flair into an exhilarating dancefloor filler with added oomph, which you just don’t want to give up.

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Music History

Lionel Richie – “Running With The Night”

From his album “Can’t Slow Down” (1983):

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New Music

Jasmine Kara – “Call Back”

Dipped in 60s doo-wop goodness, this is the new single by Los Angeles-based Swedish songstress Jasmine Kara:

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