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Sub-Radio – “Better Than That”

This sextet of childhood friends, who found a shared love of music in high school, have been playing the Washington DC area for many years. With their eclectic, high-energy live shows, they’ve been performing at music festivals like Cherry Blossom and Firefly. Influenced by bands like WALK THE MOON and Two Door Cinema Club, they released their debut indie-pop EP “Same Train//Different Station” in 2016.

Their new single is an energetic eruption of infectious exuberance. The virulent beats, jaunty guitars and joyful synths create a multitude of catchy stabs and memorable hooks, all blending together into an anthemic power-house of indie-pop grooves. And with their enthusiastic and dynamic vocals injecting even more happiness into this euphonious jam, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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Music History

Kim Carnes – “Invisible Hands”

From her album “Café Racers” (1983):

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New Music

Wilder Woods – “Sure Ain’t”

This is the first funky and soulful taster of his upcoming debut album, expected to drop in August 2019:

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