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KiSMiT – “No Turning Back”

Cape Townian Sebastian Reunert and zesty Californian Carly Barnette discovered a mutual love of soul, dance-pop and funk when they attended songwriting class at Berklee College Of Music in 2013. Influenced by Allen Stone and Justin Timberlake, they forged a lively funk-pop sound and traveled through Europe, the UK and The Caribbean. They released their debut single “The Giving Tree” in 2016.

Bursting with colorful torrents of funkalicious fun, their new single builds a peppy party in your ears. The cheerful beat and funky guitars move effortlessly from a laidback vibe to the infectious chorus filled with joyous splashes of energy. Dipped in pure glitterball glitz, the spirited, disco-touched melody fuses with their soulful vocals. Once you join this buoyant, neon-lit party, there’s no turning back!

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Music History

Londonbeat – “A Better Love”

From their album “In The Blood” (1990):

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New Music

WILSN – “Home”

This is the new, gospel-touched single by Australian soul-pop songstress WILSN:

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