In The Spotlight

Ollee Owens – “Edge Of Goodbye”

Raised on the prairies and now based in Calgary, this Canadian powerhouse singer and songwriter has been immersed in music since she was young. Blending wide-ranging genres, she’s influenced by blues, soul and classic rock to write captivating songs. Inspired by legends like Mavis Staples, Aretha Franklin and Bob Dylan, she released her lush breakout single “Every Step Of The Way” in 2021.

Capturing the moment of angst when second guessing a choice of partner, before realizing the riches of what you already have, her new single takes recognizable lyrics and wraps them in vivid blues-pop hues. With a driving beat, playful keys and howling rock guitars laying down the tune, it’s the rawness of her dynamic vocals that fills this jam with passion and makes it sound utterly irresistible.

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Music History

Lenny Kravitz – “The Chamber”

From his album “Strut” (2014):

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New Music

The Womack Sisters – “Lost For Words”

From their upcoming debut EP “The Womack Sisters”, to be released on 17 June 2022:

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