In The Spotlight

The Burma – “Sleepers”

Based in Cork, this Irish indie-rock trio named themselves after The Burma Steps in Cobh, Co. Cork. Consisting of Tony O’Donovan (vocals), Peter Piggott (guitar) and Cian Doherty (drums), they forged their own sound blending early 2000’s American Indie and 90s British guitar rock. Influenced by the likes of The Killers, Tame Impala and The Strokes, they debuted with “Phoney Personality” in 2019.

Exploring the harsh realities of life, their new single offers a remedy in the shape of cheery lyrics and an invigorating melody. Being gripped from the very first, 90s-touched, electric guitar strum, the tune evolves with full-bodied synths and a driving beat. With a slight nod to 80s hair rock bands from the exhilarating howling guitar solo, this track is a retro-infused piece of fiery indie-rock heaven.

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Music History

Susanna Hoffs – “My Side Of The Bed”

From her album “When You’re A Boy” (1991):

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New Music

Two Door Cinema Club – “Wonderful Life”

From their upcoming album “Keep On Smiling”, to be released on 2 September 2022:

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