In The Spotlight

Caitlynne Curtis – “Mood Swings”

Born in Boston, this singer and songwriter started singing aged 3 and taking vocal lessons at 6. Her parents moved the family to Nashville when she was 12 to further her career. Although an audition for The X-Factor resulted in rejection, it was rapper Struggle Jennings who discovered and signed her. Inspired by Miranda Lambert and Celine Dion, she released her debut “Soldier’s Daughter” in 2010.

Telling the emotional story of a couple who’s drug and alcohol use causes their relationship to become toxic, her new single wraps her deep metaphoric lyrics in a surprising uplifting melody. Blending touches of candied pop, hearty rock and fresh Americana into one infectious soundscape, it’s the vibrant guitar riffs, vivid drums and her luscious vocals that will definitely lighten your mood.

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Music History

KISS – “Reason To Live”

From their album “Crazy Nights” (1987):

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New Music

Bananarama – “Masquerade”

From their upcoming album “Masquerade”, to be released on 22 July 2022:

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