In The Spotlight

Daya – “Love You When You’re Gone”

Born near Pittsburgh as Grace Martine Tandon, this rising singer and songwriter began playing piano at three years young and added guitar, saxophone and flute along the way. Inspired by Amy Winehouse, Sarah McLachlan and Dido, she debuted her electro-pop sound on her single “Hide Away” in 2015 and won a Grammy after lending her voice to The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down” in 2016.

Processing a feeling of heartache after a relationship breakdown and learning to be on her own again, her new single is as much cathartic as it is a sonic feast. Taking her electro-pop sound on a retro trip to the neon decade, it’s the bouncy 80s rhythm and sparkling synths that paint the nostalgia-inducing soundscape. And with her refined and striking vocals, this is a groove you’ve just got to love.

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