In The Spotlight

Toby Sebastian – “Real Kicks”

Born in Oxford, but raised under the Spanish sun, this British singer, songwriter and actor first appeared on TV as a contestant on Orange unsignedAct in 2008. In 2012 he also started his succesful acting career, which included playing Trystane Martell in Games Of Thrones and famed vocalist Andrea Bocelli in the biopic The Music Of Silence. He released his debut album “Into The Light” in 2013.

Giving his own twist to the 70s songs her grew up with, from Fleetwood Mac to David Bowie, his new single takes a nostalgic roadtrip on the musical scales. Taking elements from folk, soul and pop and blending them into a breezy melody, it’s got this laid-back West-Coast sunlit sound from the easygoing guitars and mellow keys. And with his husky vocals, this groove captures freedom in every note.

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