In The Spotlight

Madara Eve – “These Are The Days”

Born as Madara Ieva Tumoviča, this Latvian singer and songwriter started singing at 4 years young. She joined vocal studio Rasa and spent 10 years performing on both large and small stages, honing her craft. At 15 she began singing solo and writing her first songs. Now studying at the renowned modern music institute BIMM in London, she debuted her jazzy sound on “This Moment” in 2019.

Singing about cherishing moments of happiness by finding joy in the little things in life, her new single breathes a sense of positivity. Starting with a smooth jazz segment of an acoustic guitar and her enchanting vocals, she soon adds a bouncy funk beat, retro synths and some sonic sunshine. And with an insatiable buoyancy, this feel-good groove sounds optimistic, joyous and filled with fun.

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