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Cy Winstanley – “Trick In The Box”

Hailing from New Zealand, this singer and songwriter is also one half of folk duo Tattletale Saints. He met the other half, Vanessa McGowan, in a high school jazz band. They relocated to Nashville in 2013 and introduced their roots sound on their album “How Red Is The Blood”, which won Folk Album Of The Year at the New Zealand Music Awards. He debuted solo with “She Had The Dumplings” in 2021.

Dripping with 90s R&B love song sensibilities, his second solo outing is written as a homage to his idol, the late Whitney Houston. Embraced by a swooning blend of R&B, soul and jazz, the easygoing melody of a smooth rhythm, light bass and a mellow Moog synth provides the ideal accompaniment to his velvety, soulful vocals. Basically a sonic declaration of love, this warm tune is a luscious gem.

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Music History

Fleetwood Mac – “Save Me”

From their album “Behind The Mask” (1990):

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New Music

grentperez – “Ego”

From his upcoming “Trail Mix Tape”, to be released on 30 September 2022:

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