In The Spotlight

Gabriela Cardoso – “Half Truths”

Born in Brazil, where music is a way of life, this youthful songbird is a passionate songwriter. Having moved to the UK in 2019, she attended international school and had given up on music, due to stifling insecurities. During lockdown however she took up piano lessons and music theory and started pouring her emotions into her songs. She released her debut single “Northern Lights” in 2021.

Written in just three days after a breakup, her new single addresses feeling off-balance after getting out of a relationship. Showing that channeling bad energy into something good can lead to growth, she infused the notes with a rich intensity and encouraging empowerment. With mellow keys, silken guitars and her emotive vocals, this inspirational tune encapsulates the full sonic truth.

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Music History

George Michael – “Flawless”

From his album “Patience” (2004):

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New Music

Rina Sawayama – “Hold The Girl”

From her upcoming album “Hold The Girl”, to be released on 2 September 2022:

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