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Rina Sawayama – “Cherry”

Although born in Japan, this British singer, songwriter and model has been living in the UK since she was five. Despite studying politics, psychology and sociology, she opted for a career in music and modeling. As a model she’s featured in Dazed and in the Versus x Versace campaign. As an acclaimed artist she released her debut single “Sleeping In Waking” in 2013 and her inaugral EP “RINA” late 2017.

Her latest single is an upbeat, happiness-inducing piece of R&B/pop with nostalgic influences. With a buoyant 90s-reminiscent beat and early-noughties cheerful synths, all finished with a contemporary glaze, it has a definite Indian Summer feel. Singing about a pansexual romance, her sugary, shimmering vocals are glistening on the musical waves and put the cherry on this tasty pop cake.

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