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Sid Seth – “Caffeine High”

Originally from India, this singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist grew up exposed to a wide-range of genres, from The Beatles and ABBA, to Bollywood. He moved to New York to attend the Manhattan School of Music and performed at famed venues like The Bowery Electric and 54 Below. Influenced by Michael Jackson and Ella Fitzgerald, he debuted with “Simple Yet True” in 2022.

Brewing an invigorating cup of sonic coffee, his new single chronicles fun and vibrant nights in the city. Written as an honest ode to New York’s bustling nature, experiencing extreme highs and lows, it’s the funkalicious neo-soul vibe, the fresh guitar strums and his upbeat, soul-filled vocals that injects this energetic jam with high-spirited hooks, a passionate tune and a hyper vivacity.

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