In The Spotlight

The Everettes – “Soul Thing”

Inspired by Northern Soul, Stax and Neo-Soul, this 9-piece Berlin-based outfit brings back the invigorating vibe of 60s girl groups. Having emerged from a former band called The Floorettes, their new iteration is fronted by British Jess and German Laura and Katharina. With a vocal power remindful of the soulful warmth of Carole King and Laura Nyro, they debuted with “Are You For Real” in 2019.

Celebrating what truly matters in life, namely being a good person, their new single embraces the classic soul sound of the 60s. Highlighting the fiery, powerhouse vocals of Jess Roberts, it’s the groovy melody, bursting with lavish percussion, bountiful brass and a resplendent electric guitar solo, that turns this opulent soul thing into a true nostalgic and extravagant, soul-infused experience.

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