In The Spotlight

Tungz – “Messages”

Born out of a basement home studio in Bristol, this British quartet first got together playing in funk and disco bands of the local music scene. Nicky Green, Jamie Maier, Rick Holland and Ollie Horne joined forces and took their sound into a different direction. Keeping a groove in their music, their broad influences range from Quincy Jones to Bombay Bicycle Club. They debuted with “Window Love” in 2018.

Singing about romanticising a past that never existed, their new single adds a captivating melody to the altered memories of yesteryear. Taken from their upcoming debut album “A Good Dream”, expected on February 17th, it’s the comforting synth soundscape, dipped in a neon wave of 80s hues, a lively beat and mesmerizing vocal harmonies, that make this an ear-stroking retro-pop gem.

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