In The Spotlight

Goldmyth – “Video”

Born as Jenessa Smith and hailing from Provo, this singer and songwriter started taking harp and piano lessons as a child. Soon she started writing her own songs, which sparked her passion. She began playing local shows and formed a short-lived band, before deciding a solo path was the right one. Inspired by Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Sufjan Stevens, she debuted with “Lover’s Letdown” in 2017.

Dipped in a lyrical nostalgia forged by revisiting the past through old home movies, her new single also takes a musical journey back to the late 80s. Starting with a dreamy soundscape in which memories have free reign to thrive, soon the song opens up with resonant synths and a pulsating rhythm. And with her neon-colored vocals brightening every note, this is a dazzling and wistful jam.

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