In The Spotlight

Ear Candy – “Tomorrow”

This solo project of emerging British singer, songwriter and producer Jamie Jordan creates approachable, melodic indie-pop. He started singing at 7 years young, but didn’t start making music until about 8 years ago. He’s taken his electric live performance and played the Isle Of Wight Festival. Inspired by Panic! At The Disco, Dayglow and Rex Orange County, he released his debut “Over You” in 2022.

Telling the relatable story of knowing there’s something special the moment you meet someone, but feeling too afraid of getting hurt to take that first step, his new single is a stirring journey. Layering various sonic textures, from jaunty keys and rousing guitars to the sweeping rhythms, shapes an amiable melody. And with his breezy vocals hugging the notes, this jam offers a moment of reflection.

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