In The Spotlight

Joshua Roberts – “Stay Stay Stay”

Born under the Floridian sun, this singer and songwriter is more widely known as the front man of the high-energy pop-punk band Magnolia Park. He grew up singing in church, but seeing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” made him pursue his calling. He’s also been featured on tracks by 408 and plxntkid. Influenced by Labrinth, Billie Eilish and Usher, he’s now exploring a more softer R&B/pop blend.

Written while he was going through a breakup, his debut solo single chronicles the heartache, amplified by futile attempts to make them stay. Coated in a slightly neon 80s vibe, he wraps the emotive lyrics in a laid-back, yet lively pop melody with silvery synths, airy guitars and a power-pop rhythm. And with his heartfelt, velveteen vocals, this retro-dipped pop-rock tune shows a sincere vulnerablity.

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