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It’s Butter – “Still In Love”

Formed in 2016 when L.A. native singer, songwriter and guitarist Britta Raci met Columbian drummer Diego Patiño while studying at the Musician’s Institute, this band creates a unique blend of pop, rock and R&B, with drops of other styles thrown in. In 2019 the trio was completed with bassist Johnnie Gilmore. Inspired by Rush, Primus and The Police, they debuted on their EP “Forget About It” in 2016.

Navigating emotive, post-breakup feelings, their new single tells the story of having your heart broken and not yet feeling ready to move on. The fundamentally rock melody is laced with funkalicious grooves, a touch of soul and a drop of jazz. With multi-layered instrumentation from the wild keys, rousing beat and brisk guitars, it’s the radiant vocals that’ll make you fall in love with this jam.

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