In The Spotlight

Jaylen Bradley – “Games”

Based in Toronto, Ontario, this rising Canadian singer and songwriter found her passion for music aged 14. She was a soloist on K-Tel’s “Mini Pop Kids 15” album in 2017 and performed on their Make It Pop tour in 2018, as well as winning Miss Teen Canada’s Top Choice. Inspired by wide-ranging storytellers such as Adele, Lewis Capaldi and Olivia Rodrigo, she released her debut “Last Summer” in 2021.

Inspired by a real situation in her life, her new single captures the emotions brought on by being burned twice in love. Narrating the story from loving the person they used to be, right to the person they became, it’s an emotional journey. With an mellow piano, gentle rhythm and her crystal-clear vocals stroking the dulcet tune, this enchanting melody emits an authentic sonic melancholy.

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