In The Spotlight

Leanna Firestone – “Reincarnation”

Hailing from Nashville, this rising singer and songwriter has been singing and writing lyrics for most of her life, but finished her first full song aged 13. In 2020 she launched her popular TikTok channel. She initially posted talking videos about Anime, until a snippet of a song went viral. Inspired by Taylor Swift, Kacey Musgraves and Harry Styles, she released her debut song “Strawberry Mentos” in 2020.

Exploring the deep emotions she felt after the end of a relationship, her new single blends genuine lyricism with a dynamic melody. Taken from her EP “Public Displays Of Affection”, she starts the song off with a mellow guitar and celestial voices, before the tune builds with a lively beat and her heartfelt, ethereal vocals. With an intense charm, delicate touch and sonic elegance, this is a flawless gem.

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