In The Spotlight

Chance Peña – “Bleeding Out”

Hailing from Tyler, Texas, this gifted storytelling singer, songwriter and producer always knew that music was his path. From playing self-written songs to his family aged 11 to auditioning for season 9 of The Voice, he was guided by music. His songs have been featured on TV shows like Nashville and Roswell. Inspired by Kid Cudi, The Lumineers and Post Malone, he debuted with “Roll Your Eyes” in 2017.

Written after a 30-hour road trip from California to Texas after a break-up, his new single is an emotional journey through the pitfalls of love. Initially giving the tune a laid-back feel with an acoustic guitar and smooth whistling, it’s his stirring vocal delivery that steers you towards an anthemic chorus. And with joyful harmonies and lavish handclaps adding positivity, this bleeding heart will heal.

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