In The Spotlight

Alexandra Miller – “Dance With Me”

Born to a French-Spanish mother and an Irish father, this French singer/songwriter was first introduced to music by her opera-loving grandfather. She joined the Nice opera aged 9 and got classical training for 10 years. In 2013 she auditioned for The Voice Of Ireland and was eliminated in the Battles. Inspired by Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys, she debuted with “Home Tonight” in 2017.

Conjuring up a dreamlike soundscape, filled with buttery-smooth R&B vibes, her new single feels like a warm embrace. Taken from her upcoming EP “Sweetest Morning”, expected later this year, it’s the suave percussion and silky synths that create a gentle, retro-touched, melodic sway. And with her enchanting vocals dipping the tune in lush sonic honey, this ear-stroking gem touches your soul.

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