In The Spotlight

Mike Rogers – “Live Out Loud”

The foundation for this Dutch trio was laid in the early 00s, when DJ and producers Mike Mago and Roger van der Zwan (TWR72) met at the infamous underground electro parties of the time. Later joined by singer Micha de Jonge of Kita Menari fame, they created an invigorating live act with a rich, genre-spanning sound. Inspired by Editors and Miike Snow, they debuted with “What Should I Do” in 2018.

Surprisingly blending poignant modern lyrics about our reality, where social media and A.I. are taking over our lives, with a sonic fusion of influences, their new single reminds us to live our lives to the full. Infused with an 80s-styled beat, neon synths and retro-styled vocals, they injected a contemporary electro vibe. Sounding like a forgotten 80s synth-pop gem, this tune is full of aural life.

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