In The Spotlight

Bailey Wiley – “Baby Mama”

Hawera-born and Auckland-based, this New Zealand soulstress has been singing from a young age. She attended NASDA in Christchurch and graduated with a degree in Musical Theatre. Proficient in many styles, she’s collaborated with various artists and opened for Syd Tha Kid in Chicago. Inspired by Christina Aguilera, Etta James and Amy Winehouse, she debuted with “Inevitable” in 2014.

Celebrating the power of women and motherhood in particular, her new single shines in sheer R&B splendour. With a velvety-smooth percussion, gentle jazzy piano and celestial harmonies merging into a silken soundscape, it’s her luscious and emotion-laden vocal flair that lovingly nurtures your heart and gives this soulful song a soothing warmth, an inherent elegance and an authentic charisma.

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