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Sulpacio Jones – “Better Way”

Born and raised in California, this artist, songwriter and producer has been impressing the music scene worldwide with her vibrant and unique funky sound, since the release of her self-titled debut EP back in 2013. Influenced by Chaka Khan, Prince and Rick James, she’s created an eclectic mix of R&B, soul and funk, woven through some old-school hip hop.

With lyrics about coping with modern life, she takes her usual fiery delivery down a notch as her new single has a delicious laid-back feel. It’s retro R&B infused with pure soul. It has an intoxicating slow beat, sleek synths and gloriously smooth horns in the second half of the song and with her passionate, enthralling vocals, it’s the best kind of melodic ear-candy.

From her upcoming EP “Funky Love”, to be released on 22 December 2017:

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