In The Spotlight

HOAX – “Grow”

This five-piece indie-soul band met at Hofstra University in New York in 2015. They found a common interest in vintage sounds and started to experiment with topping pop, R&B and hiphop with an alternative, indie-soul layer. Their sophisticated, societal lyricism adds a touch of authenticity to their eclectic style. Their 2016 debut single “Beach House” lead to a nine-chapter short story.

Brimming with 70s nostalgic tones, their latest single is an effortless blend between old and new. The disco rhythm and vintage modulating guitar chords give it a multi-colored dance-floor vibe, while still keeping a foothold in the modern indie-pop realm. Lyrically reflecting on what it means to be human, Mike Raj’s cheery falsetto vocals boogie down to this catchy, happiness-inducing retro jam.

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Music History

Robert Palmer – “Every Kinda People”

From his album “Double Fun” (1978):

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New Music

Against The Current – “Voices”

From their album “Past Lives” (2018):

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