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Louise Golbey – “A Good Life”

This British singer, songwriter and musician was born into a musical family with a violin-playing grandfather, a guitarist uncle and a mother who sings. She released her debut album “Novel” in 2015. As a live performer she played renowned venues like the London Hippodrome and The Jazz Cafe, as well as countless festivals and supported legends George Benson and The Stylistics on their UK tour.

Her latest single is an uplifting amalgamation of musical styles, all soaked in sultry, summery sunbeams. The laidback disco beat and velvety violins provide a smooth, yet peppy basis, while her mellow, jazzy vocals glide over the melody, stroking all the senses along the way. She then dipped the auditory mixture in a thin pop layer, creating a breezy, sunlit jam of sanguine, sparkling charm.

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Music History

Toto – “Till The End”

From their album “Fahrenheit” (1986):

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New Music

Fickle Friends – “Broken Sleep”

This is the new single by Brighton, UK based band Fickle Friends:

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