In The Spotlight

Sarah Close – “Crazy Kind”

Born on the Isle Of Wight to an English Mother and a Danish Father, this young singer and songwriter moved to London aged 18 to study music and songwriting at The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance. In 2009 she began her career by posting covers on YouTube. She released her debut single “Call Me Out” in 2017 and went on to start her own record label called The Kodiak Club.

Inspired by an impulsive trip to Barcelona, her latest single is a sprightly slice of delectable alternative-pop goodness. The rhythmic bounce of the driving beat is vigorous and intoxicating, while her perky, cheerful vocals paint the story she wishes to convey with a summery, colorful palette of sheer fun, giving the track a soaring, artistic wealth, as well as a sun-drenched holiday vibe.

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Music History

Jamiroquai – “Little L”

From their album “A Funk Odyssey” (2001):

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New Music

Lauren Alaina – “Ladies In The ’90s”

The is the new single by contemporary Country-Pop songbird Lauren Alaina:

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