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Ferris & Sylvester – “London’s Blues”

Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester are a London-based duo who met just over two years ago and have grown to be critically acclaimed folk singers and songwriters. They’ve packed their sound with 60s folk influences, heartfelt blues tones and rock ‘n’ roll panache. Being quite a prolific live presence, they’ve supported the likes of Eric Clapton and James Blunt and played scores of renowned festivals.

Taken from their self-produced EP “Made In Streatham”, their latest single emphasizes the blues with a whiff of folk. The finger snaps and Mississippi chorals will get your blood pumping, before revealing an upbeat, jubilant blues jam. With joyful guitars, a touch of banjo and a boot-stompin’ beat complimenting their polished and uplifting harmonious vocals, it’s a sultry blues with plenty of gusto.

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Music History

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New Music

Max Frost – “Money Problems”

From his album “Gold Rush” (2018):

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