In The Spotlight

Jordan Danielle Harris – “That Way”

Despite her young age, this multi-talented artist from Atlanta is a model and actress, as well as a gifted singer, songwriter and musician, playing piano, guitar and drums. As an actress, she performed in the Netflix show “Stranger Things” and, having created an eclectic Dance, R&B and EDM-influenced Pop sound, she kicked off her musical career in 2017 with her debut singles “Signs” and “Spells”.

By infusing her multifarious musical style with some tasty retro flavors, on her latest single she’s added yet another layer to her refreshing Pop palate. The bouncy drums, spirited synths and a sizzling 80s sax solo blend modern tonality with a vintage aroma. Her silky, ethereal vocals have a timeless quality and fuses with the multi-faceted melody into an irresistible, ear-tingling musical morsel.

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Music History

Jackie Jackson – “Stay”

From his album “Be The One” (1989):

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New Music

Shake Shake Go – “Come Back To Me”

From their album “Homesick” (2018):

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