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Cruel Youth – “Portrait Of A Female”

Formally known by the stage name Natalia Kills, British-born front woman Teddy Sinclair reinvented herself and in 2015 introduced the love-infused dreampop sound with a psychedelic 60s vibe of her new three-piece all-girl band.  Under her new moniker she adopted an uncensored songwriting style, resulting in a hallucinatory 60s groove and the release of their debut single “Mr. Watson” in 2016.

Their latest single is the result of Teddy’s fascination with the music of The Ronettes and The Supremes. The Motown-like melody, dipped in a Phil Spector coating and some Beach Boys spice, creates a dreamy, 60s-styled love song and with a retro rhythm, catchy handclaps and the dynamic and sultry power of her vintage-soaked vocals, it is a heartfelt ballad that captures the essence of true love.

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Music History

Toto – “Straight For The Heart”

From their album “The Seventh One” (1988):

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New Music

Michelle Williams – “Fearless”

This is the anthemic new solo single by former Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams:

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