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Goldsmoke – “Someone Like You”

Consisting of London-based brothers Tom and Nick Shirm, this rousing future-soul duo draws their inspiration from growing up with the sounds of Earth, Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson and Steely Dan. With songs ranging from electro-soul, via jazz fusion, to heavy funk, they’ve taken those vintage influences and enriched them with their own funky vibe. They debuted with “Cold Call Lover” in 2016.

Bursting out with a funkalicious rhythm, multi-harmonic vocals and a multitude of smokin’ soul, their latest single is filled to the brim with red-hot, retro-dipped pizzazz. With the addition of some Zapp & Roger-styled talkbox sounds to the polished production stacking yet another influence onto this exhilarating funk feast, it creates a groovy and energetic floor-filler packed with vintage fun.

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Music History

Gloria Gaynor – “Anybody Wanna Party?”

From her album “Love Tracks” (1978):

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New Music

Ten Tonnes – “Better Than Me”

From his upcoming debut album “Ten Tonnes”, to be released on 5 April 2019:

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