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Smoke Season – “Hot Damn”

Living by the rule that normal is boring, this Los Angeles-based duo has adopted a distinctly individual style. With Gabby Wortman fiddling with all things analog and digital and Jason Rosen exploring his abnormality through fashion, as well as music, they found the perfect balance. Their live-shows are a multi-sensory experience, bringing their unique sound of electro-soul with a shot of whiskey.

Written in less than an hour, their latest single is a sweltering summer sun put to music. Dripping with lustful tones, it takes 60s-soaked sensuous verses and a lively rock chorus, uniting them in a passionate musical fever. The catchy beat, retro organ sounds and heavy horns turn up the orchestral heat, while the wide-ranging vocals give it a soulful strength, putting you in a sexy, sanguine mood.

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Music History

Jermaine Jackson – “I Dream, I Dream”

From his album “You Said” (1991):

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New Music

Nina Schofield – “My Life”

This is the new single by British Pop singer and songwriter Nina Schofield:

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